Mixing Chamber

The intersecting mixer paddle design insures a thorough blending of dust and moisture, producing a uniform distribution prior to discharge. The low speed mixer operates at a constant 30 rpm to minimize paddle wear and control mixer residence time. Precise timing between the two shafts is maintained by twin spur gears enclosed in an oil tight case. During operation, a stationary layer of material forms along the interior of the tub, protecting it from wear. As the ash is mixed by the inter-leaving paddles, it is conveyed forward at a controlled rate, thus establishing a constant residence time and mixer efficiency. Precise changes to mixer paddle angle and shaft speed are possible to suit individual process requirements. Alternate paddle materials are available to address wear, corrosion, or material build-up. Mixer drive components, bearings, and shaft seal systems are external-mounted for ease of maintenance and inspection.

Moisture Control Mixing Chamber System Design Material Feed

Foot Mounted Reducer Delivers Low Speed, High Torque Drive Power to Twin Spur Gears

Interleaving Mixer Paddles are Mounted on Counter-Rotating Shafts to Thoroughly Blend Ash w/ Spray Water as Product is Conveyed Forward

Dustless Mixing of Fine Biomass Ash

Custom Paddle Materials & Coatings are Used for High Calcium Ash & Other Sticky Materials. Hardened or Ceramic Tips Provide Extended Life. Breaker Pins Enhance Mixing and Provide Continuous Paddle Cleaning

Mixer Unloader Systems

For Wetting and Mixing of Ash and
Other Dusty, Abrasive Materials.

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Bottom Ash Conveyors

Continuous Collection & Dewatering of
Bottom Ash & Coarse Abrasive Materials

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Dry Ash Conveyors

Dust-Tight, Air-Tight Conveying
of Dry Abrasive Material.

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Integrated Systems

Custom Designed, Integrated
Mechanical Ash Handling Systems.

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