Design Features Proven in Highly Abrasive Heavy-Duty Service

Conveyor Chain

is selected to provide maximum strength while possessing superior abrasion-resistant characteristics. Heat-treated round link chain possesses maximum tensile and lateral strength and shock load resistance. Wear-resistant characteristics provide low wear rates while maintaining constant strength levels. Custom chain designs available for special high temperature and corrosive environments.

Heavy-Duty Conveyor Flights

are attached to the chain with connector links, forming easily replaceable, modular assemblies. Flight height and width are selected based on ash properties, conveyor speed, and angle of inclination. Special flight designs feature reinforced heavy load capacity, high abrasion resistance, and low adhesion polymer materials for special conveying applications.

Conveyor Head Sprockets

and idler pulleys are hardened for extended life and mounted on high strength shafting, supported by external-mounted roller bearings. Only rolling contact occurs with the chain, extending the wear life of all components. Special split sprocket and replaceable tooth segment designs are available to facilitate maintenance.

Low-Speed High-Torque Drives

are sized for maximum conveying requirements and heavy shock loading. Mechanical overload protection and reversing capabilities are standard. Optional variable speed drives permit precise matching of conveyor speed to actual ash rates. This flexibility results in lower wear rates and the ability to meet surge requirements.

Dust-Tight Construction

on dry conveyors is maintained with flanged and gasketed access doors and cam-action latches. Troughs are reinforced, heavy wall, welded construction with bolted, gasketed mating flanges and lids. Dust-tight shaft seals and take-up design permit direct bolting of conveyors to dust hopper outlets, minimizing seal valve requirements. All surfaces in rubbing contact with abrasive material are lined with replaceable hardened liners. These are selected to suit operating conditions, maximize life and simplify replacement.

External-Mounted Roller Bearings

support conveyor head sprockets and transition idler pulleys. Dust seal housings and water purge seal systems protect bearings from dust or water invasion and maintain conveyor seal integrity. All seals and bearings are accessible from the exterior for ease of service.

Chain Take-Up Assemblies

provide spring-loaded manual or cylinder-operated automatic tensioning of chain slack during conveyor operation. On enclosed conveyors, dust-tight shaft seal housings and sliding seal plates work in unison to maintain air-tight, dust-tight seal as the take-up moves over its full travel length.

Mixer Unloader Systems

For Wetting and Mixing of Ash and
Other Dusty, Abrasive Materials.

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Bottom Ash Conveyors

Continuous Collection & Dewatering of
Bottom Ash & Coarse Abrasive Materials

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Dry Ash Conveyors

Dust-Tight, Air-Tight Conveying
of Dry Abrasive Material.

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Integrated Systems

Custom Designed, Integrated
Mechanical Ash Handling Systems.

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