AshTech Experience

AshTech has engineered and supplied custom mechanical ash handling systems on every type of solid fueled utility and industrial power generating facility, including the largest and most advanced facilities of their type.

  • On industrial and utility pulverized, coal-fired units, AshTech provides submerged chain conveyors for bottom ash removal.
  • Twin shaft mixers for conditioning fly ash are supplied by AshTech at hundreds of power plants around the world, burning every type of solid fuel.
  • AshTech systems have been supplied on many of the largest municipal solid waste, refuse-derived, biomass, wood, and tire-fueled co-generation projects in the country. Integrated bottom ash and fly conveying systems utilize submerged bottom ash conveyors, dry fly ash collection conveyors, elevating conveyors, storage silos, control systems and conditioning systems.
  • AshTech's experienced design, engineering, and project management team has been involved in numerous retrofit projects involving new ash system designs to accommodate repowering, boiler or fuel conversions, and air or water pollution control improvements.
  • AshTech is a recognized leader in the design of safe, efficient, and economical ash handling systems for biomass, waste and combination fueled boilers and gasifiers.
  • AshTech conveying and conditioning systems are in operation at utility and industrial fluid bed boilers, burning coal and waste fuel.

Mixer Unloader Systems

For Wetting and Mixing of Ash and
Other Dusty, Abrasive Materials.

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Bottom Ash Conveyors

Continuous Collection & Dewatering of
Bottom Ash & Coarse Abrasive Materials

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Dry Ash Conveyors

Dust-Tight, Air-Tight Conveying
of Dry Abrasive Material.

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Integrated Systems

Custom Designed, Integrated
Mechanical Ash Handling Systems.

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