AshTech Corporation

In the mid 70's coal fired generating plants were upgrading. Air pollution control systems became more efficient. Greater emphasis was placed on dust control, water consumption, boiler efficiency, and maintenance. At the same time, alternate solid fuels: municipal waste, refuse derived fuel, wood waste, biomass, were all being used in larger boilers in larger amounts. Ash handling systems were not improving to meet these new demands. This is when and why AshTech Corporation was started.

AshTech does one thing, we solve ash handling problems. We use engineering and innovation to bring to market equipment and systems that meet the unique ash handling challenges presented by the changing power generation industry.

Many of the ash handling methods that are now considered industry standards were first introduced by AshTech as innovative solutions to the problems we recognized. We continue along this path.

Mixer Unloader Systems

For Wetting and Mixing of Ash and
Other Dusty, Abrasive Materials.

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Bottom Ash Conveyors

Continuous Collection & Dewatering of
Bottom Ash & Coarse Abrasive Materials

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Dry Ash Conveyors

Dust-Tight, Air-Tight Conveying
of Dry Abrasive Material.

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Integrated Systems

Custom Designed, Integrated
Mechanical Ash Handling Systems.

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